Owl Markets LLC

Owl Markets LLC

Owl Markets


Owl Markets is a quantitative research company looking for predictive signals on global financial markets.

We work in collaboration with XTX Markets – a leading global electronic market maker.  

We focus on research rather than on infrastructure. We combine the principles of one of the largest market makers in the world and our own unique strategy to reach new heights in the fintech world.

Our team is a balanced mix of senior-level experts with experience in international trading and asset management firms as well as talented ambitious graduates from top universities. Technical and financial backgrounds, excellent academic and work performance, an inquiring mind and creativity – these are the things uniting us.


XTX Markets

XTX Markets ("XTX") is a leading financial trading company which specialises in electronic market making in equity, FX, fixed income and commodity markets. With only 130 employees we trade >$150 bln a day in financial assets, across tens of countries globally, in an entirely automated fashion. Our company is driven by the work of our quantitative researchers (“quants”), who develop and calibrate our algorithmic models against multi-petabyte datasets on a huge computer cluster that we run inhouse.

XTX is a company that rewards people on merit and excellence, not necessarily on experience, avoids the bureaucracy of large organisations and maintains a flat organisational structure. Work is fast-paced, we ensure decision making is efficient and changes are quickly implemented.

People working at XTX enjoy a culture of trust, innovation and scientific rigour. It’s a collaborative and friendly environment where people are highly engaged with their work.

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